Caring for Potbellied Pigs

If you’re thinking about purchasing a potbellied pig or already care for one, we can help you provide daily and general health care. Potbellied pigs can give you years of loving, fulfilling companionship, due to their intelligent natures. They are not without care though. As a potbellied pig owner, you will have to provide a stimulating environment as well as regular veterinary care. Please contact us with any questions about your potbellied pig; We’re always here for Bellville and surrounding areas.

Watch Star Hill Veterinary Clinic on Animal Planet!

Star Hill Veterinary Clinic was involved in an episode on Animal Planet dealing with potbellied pigs. On “My Big Fat Pet Makeover,” potbellied pig Baby was significantly overweight and threatening to cut her lifespan in half. Watch a clip of the episode here and learn more about the importance of a healthy diet for potbellied pigs! . It can be difficult to feed your potbelly less because they loooooove food so much, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Feeding Your Potbelly

Because potbellied pigs have a tendency to become obese, it’s important to keep them on a regimented food and exercise schedule. The amount of food your pet pig should eat depends on their age and metabolic rate. It’s up to you to watch how much you’re feeding them and what amount is keeping them at a steady weight. Our knowledgeable veterinarians can also advise you on what type of diet is healthy for your pet pig

Exercising Your Potbelly

For exercise, bring your potbelly on daily walks. Remember, pigs are highly trainable, so you can teach them how to walk on a leash. The same types of stimulation, games, and activities you’d do with a dog is also appropriate for potbellied pigs. It will also keep them from rooting up your yard or carpet! Please bring a new potbellied pig in for an initial exam and annual wellness visits for more dietary and exercise recommendations.

Providing Dental Care for Your Potbelly

Like humans and other pets, potbellied pigs require regular dental cleanings. We recommend that you refrain from giving your potbelly processed food scrapes to help prevent cavities as well. When you bring your potbelly into Star Hill Veterinary Clinic for dental care, we’ll carefully sedate them and perform a thorough oral exam. If they need extractions, we’re prepared to perform them as well. Other things to note about dental care for your potbellied pig:

  • Male pigs should have their tusks trimmed regularly. We can easily trim them while your pet is sedated for an oral exam.
  • Newborn potbellied pigs should have their eight needle teeth trimmed.
  • Canine teeth should be trimmed after one year of age.

Please contact us for more information caring for your potbellied pig. We’re here for all types of pets at our mixed animal hospital.

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