Lengthen their Lives and Prevent Bigger Issues with Pet Wellness Care

Regular pet wellness examinations help your furry friend live a longer, happier life because they can prevent medical issues before they start. We wish they can live forever, but we can help you add more together years. It’s our job at Star Hill Veterinary Clinic to keep our patients in Bellville and surrounding areas as healthy as possible. With annual pet exams, we’re sometimes able to uncover concerning medical issues before they become a bigger problem. After the age of seven, companion animals are considered senior aged, and we recommend biannual wellness visits to run comprehensive bloodwork to check for things like diabetes and liver disease. No matter what stage of life your pet is at, wellness care includes a full physical exam. If we notice anything unusual, we have an in-house laboratory and state-of-the-art diagnostics at our disposal.

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Examining from the Top of their Nose to the Tip of their Tail

Pet exams at our animal hospital are thorough, and we encourage our new patients to fill out the new client form before their scheduled visit, so we can learn about your pet’s health history. We encourage an open dialogue with our clients; If you have any concerns about your pet’s health or would like behavioral training tips, the wellness visit is the perfect time to chat. As long as your pet isn’t feeling under the weather, we’ll update required vaccinations, or start a series for a new puppy or kitten at this time too. Pet wellness examinations include checks on:

  • Weight, along with nutrition and exercise
  • Temperature, pulse, and respiration rate
  • Teeth, gums and any oral health concerns
  • Organs, like the heart, lungs and intestines
  • Lymph nodes throughout your pet’s body
  • Blood and stool to check for parasites

Delving Deeper with Diagnostics and Laboratory Work

We’re fortunate to have a full in-house laboratory, X-rays and ultrasound at Star Hill Veterinary Clinic. If we notice symptoms indicating a disease, tumor or infection, we can analyze your pet’s internal body, their blood, or cells quickly and accurately. Allergies or flea dander can sometimes cause bacterial and yeast infections in your pet’s skin. With laboratory samples, skin infections are diagnosed to prescribe the best course of medication. Parasite prevention is important, but if your pet is already suffering from these highly contagious critters, our laboratory helps diagnose the root cause. Diagnosis of parasites like hookworm, roundworm, and tapeworm requires a fecal sample, so please bring one in, especially if your dog frequents dog parks or plays with other pups. Please contact us with any questions about wellness exams. We’re happy to help.

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“Not only is the care amazing, the doctors and staff are kind and compassionate. Can’t say ‘thank you’ enough for everything”

-Jason H.